5 Best Vans Of 2017

5 Best Vans Of 2017

If you’re looking for a practical and fuel efficient vehicle that can fit in your whole family, a van is the smartest choice you can make. Although vans don’t have the most exciting appearance or the most powerful driving characteristics, they are valued for their sensibility and safety. Find out which vans coming out in 2017 are worth considering and get your new van on Jiji (https://jiji.ng/cars/van) where you can get the widest selection of used vans at super low prices.
Peugeot Partner

The French automotive giant Peugeot certainly knows its way around comfortable and safe vehicles, which is why the Peugeot Partner turned out to be exactly the van everyone was looking forward to. This vehicle is filled with the latest technology features and ensures a comfortable and safe ride while also looking presentable enough. The competitive payload capacity adds to the Partner’s appeal.

Toyota Sienna

Any list of the best cars released this year wouldn’t be complete without at least one Toyota model, and when it comes to vans, the Toyota Sienna is a top choice for the buyers. This vehicle has everything you expect from a family van, including comfortable cabin, decent fuel economy, a 3.5L engine, which delivers just the right amount of power for everyday challenges, and the famous Toyota safety features.

Ford Transit

In case you are in search of a van that focuses on utility, why not go for the Ford Transit? This model is packed with characteristics that make it both a great family vehicle and a reliable work companion. The Ford Transit is available in a variety of wheelbases and can have up to three rows of seats, which is exactly what a large family needs for daily commute, carrying heavy load, and fun road trips.

Volkswagen Crafter

If there is such a thing as high-end vans, the Volkswagen Crafter definitely belongs to this segment. Everything from the impressive appearance to the outstanding driving parameters makes the Crafter one of the most exciting releases in the van market of 2017. More powerful, more efficient, and larger than a typical van, the Volkswagen Crafter is clearly here to stay.

Mercedes Benz Metris

Mercedes Benz already has the best-selling van in its lineup – the internationally famous Sprinter. With a release of the Metris, Mercedes wants to reach out to the buyers who are looking for a smaller van with the same hauling abilities. If you’ve always wanted a vehicle that is as powerful as the Sprinter, but don’t need a full-size van, the Metris should be right up your street.

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