Ladies, Here Are Some Sweet Words Your Partner Loves To Hear From You

Ladies, Here Are Some Sweet Words Your Partner Loves To Hear From You

It is common knowledge that men love being petted. Lol. Here are some things men love to hear from their women. It rea$$ures them and strengthens their confidence.

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☆ “I have so much respect for you” :One of the things men value most is being respected.

☆ “You make me feel happy” : Any man who is in a relationship will be striving to be source of happiness in his woman’s life. Make sure he realizes that he is.

☆ “Thank you” : Show him that you appreciate what he does for you. Even the simplest things, notice and recognize it.

☆ “You’re handsome” : Saying handsome rather than cute adds a certain level of intimacy that men don’t hear often. Let him know how good-looking he really is with this simple compliment :).

☆ “I am sorry” : Ladies, I know we don’t like to admit when we are wrong. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to own up and swallow our mistakes.

☆ “You are right” : When he is right, it is nice to tell him,  especially if you were arguing. It’ll make him feel good.

☆ “I believe in you” :One of the biggest things that make a guy melt is when his partner supports him and believes him. It will make him feel like a superhero…lol

Ladies, how often do you say these things to the man you love? Let’s try them and see what comes of it.

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