8 Interesting Things You Should Always Do For Your Wife To Keep Her Happy

There are so many failed marriages in the society with many wondering why couples who were heads over heels in love with each other relating like strangers after being married for a while.

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While many would have met one or two marriage counselors that could advise them or help proffer solutions to some of the issues they are facing in their respective homes, you will be amazed to know that you can achieve so much by doing little. Things often go awry when couples stop trying to make each other feel good and opt in for a routine kind of lifestyle. It is pathetic seeing married people putting little or no effort in building their marriages because they feel they are done with the ‘winning over’ aspect of it.

Women feel the weight and pressure of the marriage most since the society puts on them the responsibility of keeping the home and putting the home together the moment the men provide the money for upkeep. Based on research, the points below are simple ways of keeping your marriage intact. They are basic things you should do for your wife every year in order to keep the fire burning.

Find these things below:

1. Plan a trip with her

If you are married and want the best for you and the family you are raising, it is important for you to take adequate care of your wife. Take her on a trip every year and use the opportunity to remind her how about your journey so far. Make her know you will be incomplete without her support in your life.

2. Give her a break from mom duties

Every woman appreciates a supportive husband who is sensitive to her needs. Make it a point of duty to relieve your wife of her motherly duties by taking over from her in a week and showing her how much you value her presence and coordination in the house.

3. Celebrate her birthday

Your wife’s birthday should be a big deal as you should make every effort to show her so much love on this day. You are most likely to receive the love you show her on your birthday too and this will help you function as a family.

4 . Write her a love letter

Do not see this as a silly move; make it a point of duty to write your wife a love letter at least once. If this makes you feel silly, there is the likelihood that she will laugh and this should make you happy too if her happiness is important to you.

5. Go on a date with her

There are many men who think taking a lady out on a date is exclusive to those who are unmarried. Married women want to be doted on by their husbands and would do anything just to see the fire of love burn again. As a married man, you can rekindle the flame of love by taking your wife out from time to time. Show her you are proud of her.

6. Take her to the place you met

Most women think men do not take note of important events as they have to be constantly reminded about dates and anniversaries. Even though you are busy, you can create time to take your wife back to your meeting point. Dress up for the occasion and make her feel loved again.

7. Give her a massage

Taking care of the children while working may exert a lot of pressure on her. You can make her feel better by paying for a full body massage at a spa she loves. Your thoughtfulness will make something spark in her. If you do not have the resources to finance this, you can do the massage yourself. It is a sensual move after all.

8. Take her to a show

Study your wife to know the kind of shows that interest her. You can surprise her by taking her to a show and having a beautiful time with her. The memory will linger for a long time and help her be more appreciative of you in turn. Note that you do not have to breathe a word about these to her so that you will not be under any form of pressure and would get them done at your own pace and time.

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